Luxury Leather Recliner Chairs

Supreme Comfort and Quality

Luxury leather recliner chairs with the best in comfort, quality and constuction. These chairs are crafted to the highest standards.

The Gina Luxury Leather Recliner

Our Recommendation

The ultimate in soft padded comfort, with full leather and effortless reclining motion.

Luxury Leather Recliner Chair

For those who don't like to compromise on quality, we recommend this luxury model.

The additional padding and comfort of this chair cocoons you as you relax into it. The reclining motion can be halted at the perfect position by a simple locking mechanism. Solid wood construction, in sumptuous brown leather.

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Perla Luxury Recliner

Modern Sharp Styling

The Perla is a pin sharp black recliner chair ideal for the executive who needs to unwind after a long day.

Perla Luxury Recliner

This stylish looking chair comes in black leather with match foot stool, and will go with any colour scheme. It has swivel action and solid wood construction. This chair offers exception support and poise.

As with most leather recliner chairs the Perla comes fully assembled.

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Hide Leather Recliner Chair

The Ultimate in Opulence

For huge presence in a room, the Capricorn is unbeatable. The highest quality hide recliner, in a classic shape and design.

Hide Leather Recliner Chair

Only the highest quality leather is used, and this chair excels in every area. It features a discreet reclining handle.

If you want a classic leather recliner chair of the highest quality of construction, then the Capricorn is for you. Currently on offer, the price is also exceptional.

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Leather Recliner Facts

1. The La-Z-Boy is probably the most famous leather recliner chair, and popular in batchelor pads!

2. Leather recliner chairs have dropped significantly in price in recent years due to imports.

3. With the correct basic care, leather chairs are very hard wearing and durable.

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