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Budget Reclining Chairs

Do you want a leather recliner chair that doesn't cost you a fortune? We have selected the best of the low cost ranges available on the market. These recliner chairs represent exceptional value without cutting the corner on quality.

The Primo Budget Leather Recliner

Great Value

The Primo offers all the features you would expect of a more expensive equivalent chair, and looks the part too.

Cheap Leather Recliner Chair

With swivel action, matching foot stool and reclining motion, the Primo is a serious contender.

The chair is leather faced, which means that the facing surfaces are leather, but the sides are made from vinyl, but this is a small price to pay for this sort of budget.

£179.00Buy Now

Avanti low Cost Leather Recliner

Our 2009 Winner

This great looking budget recliner chair is our overall recommended leather recliner of the year. The fantastic Relaxateeze Avanti recliner is on offer at the incredible low price of £199.00.

Leather Recliner Chair of the Year 2009

This represents excellent value, as this is a highly accomplished chair which you would think from appearance would command a higher retail price.

Again, the Avanti is a leather faced chair which makes for the price saving, with vinyl sides. The seating and facing surfaces are all leather though.

£199.00Buy Now

The Vaneto Value Recliner

Top of the Budget Range

The Vaneto is at the top of our value range of recommendations, but pushing the budget to £250 makes a difference with this superb chair.

Full Leather Budget Recliner Chair

By extending the budget you get a full leather chair instead of leather faced, and the foot stool is also full leather.

The Vaneto has a comfortable wide back and of course a smooth reclining action. Also swivels 360 degrees.

£238.00Buy Now

Featured Chairs

The Macau leather recliner chair

The superb Macau Recliner is excellent value at £219. more info

Leather Recliner Facts

1. The La-Z-Boy is probably the most famous leather recliner chair, and popular in batchelor pads!

2. Leather recliner chairs have dropped significantly in price in recent years due to imports.

3. With the correct basic care, leather chairs are very hard wearing and durable.

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